Tissue Center

Most of us give gifts throughout our lifetimes on special occasions. But the ultimate gift – the gift of tissue – is the most selfless gift of all. It is the gift of life, health and hope. 

The GenCure Tissue Center, a subsidiary of BioBridge Global, is dedicated to informing the public about donation options and works with alliances within the Donate Life program to help raise awareness about the need for tissue donors. When you register to become a tissue donor, you are giving hope to thousands of patients awaiting a life-enhancing transplant. Some recipients of tissue grafts include burn victims, trauma patients and injured athletes.

Accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks, the GenCure Tissue Center maintains an extremely high level of quality in allografts and services. It ensures that the safest and most precise allografts are available to physicians and patients.

The center provides tissue recovery, processing and manufacturing of tissue allografts for hospitals and clinics across the globe. In addition to providing tissue grafts for transplant, it collaborates with research and development organizations to assist in the development of new treatments for debilitating diseases and injuries. Taking its services further, the bereavement program holds community events and provides educational resources for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.