PBSC Study

Do you meet these requirements? You may be able to participate in a peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) trial.

• Be between the ages of 18-45
• Weigh 110 pounds or more
• Be in general good health
• Pass pre-screen blood tests & health history
• Pass a physical exam
• Understand & sign an informed consent for donation
• Have not previously donated stem cells
• Must not be pregnant

Compensation is available for those who qualify in this PBSC trial.

About this trial:

For many patients diagnosed with blood disorders, a marrow transplant, cord blood transplant or PBSC infusion may provide hope for remission. Once a patient has found a donor match, he or she begins a transplant preparative regimen. This often involves patients receiving high doses of chemotherapy and radiation, which destroys diseased cells in the patient’s body and blood-forming cells in bone marrow to make room for new cells. These high doses of chemotherapy and radiation may cause severe side effects.

The study will collect blood-forming cells (stem cells) from your bloodstream that will be used to make an investigational product being developed to see if it may help protect cancer patients from infections.

You must meet certain requirements to participate in this study.

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Questions or comments can be directed to the GenCure Cellular Therapy Center at (210) 731-5555 ext. 1615.