World Marrow Donor Day

What is WMDD?

World Marrow Donor Day (WMDD) is celebrated globally in more than 50 countries on the third Saturday of September. This year, WMDD will be celebrated on September 21. 

WMDD recognizes and thanks all related and unrelated donors, cord blood donors and those on the registry waiting to donate.

WMDD also raises awareness about joining the marrow registry to give hope to the thousands of patients searching for a matching donor every year. For many patients with blood cancers and disorders, a marrow or stem cell transplant is their best hope for a cure.

For many patients, a stem cell or marrow donor is their only hope for a cure. 

How do you become a donor?

The first step starts with joining the Be The Match® registry. Joining the registry simply means you are making yourself available to patients who might one day need you. If you are ever a potential match, you will be contacted. It is important to keep us updated on any changes to your contact information. If your phone number, email or address ever changes, please email us here.

Text GenCure to 61474 to begin the registration process.


What is the donation process like?

Watch our donation videos below to learn about the donation process and how saying yes to donating can help make a difference in someone's life.


Show your support on social media

Use our social media resources to say thank you to donors or to help share the importance of joining the registry on September 21.

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Feel free to tag us @connectforlife and use the following hashtags to help join the conversation online: #ThankYouDonor #WMDD2019 #BeTheCure

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