GenCure was officially established in 2010 to build the regenerative medicine aspects of the already-existing marrow donor services, peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collection, tissue services, and the cord blood cellular therapy programs.

Marrow donor services began in 1991 when the first potential bone marrow donors registered through our database in South Texas. In 2003, the program expanded its territory to include central Texas and became an official peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collection center in 2008 to help streamline the search service for patients and donors. The National Marrow Donor Program of Central and South Texas has one of the highest recruitment rates of minority donors in the state. It is also nationally recognized for its success in recruiting donors in the 18 – 44 age group. The Cellular Therapy Center participated in a PBSC clinical research study in 2011 to reduce complications following a stem cell transplant.

The Tissue Center, opened in 1994, has provided tissue recovery, tissue preparation for transplantation and placement of life-enhancing tissue grafts to hospitals and surgery centers. The center processes and manufactures a large variety of grafts and distributes thousands of these life-enhancing grafts annually. In addition to providing tissue grafts for transplant, it collaborates with research and development organizations to assist in the development of new treatments for debilitating diseases and injuries. In 2000, the center began its bereavement program to help tissue donor families grieve and cope with the loss of their loved ones. It also partners with multiple local and national agencies to educate the community about the importance of organ, tissue and eye donation.

Cord blood collections began as early as 1998. In 2003 the Texas Cord Blood Bank (TCBB) was established at the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center for public cord blood collection. It grew from four participating hospitals in 2006 to fourteen hospitals in 2015. The National Cord Blood Registry added TCBB to its database in 2007. Besides the public cord blood program, the Cord Blood Center is a critical partner to researchers around the globe who are investigating the potential of using cord blood stem cells in treatments for cancers, arthritis, heart disease and other life-threatening diseases.