Becky Butler Cap named chief operating officer of San Antonio-based GenCure

New executive to lead regenerative medicine subsidiary of BioBridge Global
April 14, 2016

Becky Cap, a 20-year veteran of the life sciences industry, has been named chief operating officer of San Antonio-based GenCure.

Cap has worked with GenCure and its parent organization, BioBridge Global, on a part-time basis for the past year. She also served as a volunteer in support of the organization’s efforts as a presenting sponsor of the 2014 World Stem Cell Summit in San Antonio.

“Becky is excited about the team she’s come to know at GenCure and the opportunity to work with them to build on the foundation that’s been put into place, with the goal of moving the organization into a new phase of growth,” said Linda Myers, chief executive officer of BioBridge Global.

Cap, a native of Texas, earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University. She began her career at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, where she gained clinical, laboratory and regulatory experience.

While pursuing her MBA at Boston University’s Health Care Management Program, she moved to industry and began working for Eidetics, a consulting firm focused on informing biomedical product development. She also has run her own consulting firm and worked with a number of local startups. She is a co-founder and founding president of San Antonio TechBoosters, a 501(c)6 organization established to mentor student entrepreneurs. She currently serves as chairman.

“We have tremendous potential to make significant contributions to regenerative medicine at GenCure, and that capacity is even more exciting when you consider collaborations with outside partners and our other BioBridge Global subsidiaries.” Cap said. “Regenerative medicine is the future, and GenCure is enabling growth of the field, here and around the world.”

GenCure has three areas of focus related to the field of regenerative therapy:

  • The tissue center recovers, tests and stores donated human tissue for transplant, including bone, skin, heart valves, veins, tendons and other soft tissue. It also operates a bereavement center and works in conjunction with the Donate Life program.
  • GenCure operations collects and tests blood products – umbilical cord blood and peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs) – that can be used as alternatives to bone marrow in transplants for cancer patients.
    • Cord blood is left in the umbilical cord and placenta donated by generous mothers after healthy births and is rich in stem cells, which can be used in multiple therapies as well as in medical research. The organization runs the Texas Cord Blood Bank, where samples are stored until a match is found.
    • PBSCs are collected from potential donors recruited for the Be The Match® marrow registry program. When a match is identified between a donor and a patient, the GenCure team facilitates donor workup and cell collection.
  • Through a growing number of collaborations, GenCure is expanding the Applied Regenerative Medicine Lab. Continued expansion of this program will be a significant focus for Cap and the GenCure team.