Local Patients Honored

Lone Star Circle of Life tour kicks off in San Antonio, bringing awareness to the gift of life
September 29, 2017

The Lone Star Circle of Life Bike Tour continues to raise awareness of the need for life-saving donations of blood, bone marrow, cord blood, organs and tissue. Cyclists will begin the 600-mile ride Saturday at 10 a.m. at the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center donor Pavilion. Cyclists will be riding for local honorees who have needed or donated these precious gifts of life. Some of the honorees include:

Aaron Brady

Husband and father of two, Aaron was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia on March 3, 2017. Aaron’s family was told that the best hope for a cure would be a bone marrow transplant in which a donor must be found. The Brady family immediately started educating our community on the need for committed marrow donors and encouraging others to join the Be The Match Registry. Together, they set a goal of adding 100,000 donors to the Registry. Aaron’s wife, Carrie started a Facebook page called “We are all the Bradys” where so many have poured out their love for Aaron and his family. Carrie, called upon friends, family, and colleagues to host marrow donor registry drives and Team Brady was born. In seven months, Team Brady has added more than 2,000 donors to the Registry and held over 50 donor registration events. Aaron is currently recovering from a haplo-transplant from his brother.

Justin Bateman

a tragic scene no one wants to come upon, two SUVs collide, one wrecked beyond recognition. Passerby Justin Bateman was compelled to stop to try and help. He soon finds a 22- year-old woman fighting for her life. Justin, who family members describe as the “kind of guy always willing to help,” jumped into action. While others looked on, he sat and held the young woman’s hand encouraging her until her final breath. As news of the horrific accident spread, so did the unofficial naming of Justin as “The Good Samaritan.” Sadly, just one month later, Justin himself was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. Once again, his humanity for others was revealed. Knowing Justin’s desire to help others, his family said yes when approached about the gift of organ donation. Justin saved four lives. For his family, knowing his legacy would continue, gave them strength to carry on. In December 2015, Justin's family met Radu, the man who received the heart of their hero.

Please visit http://circleoflife.sw.org for more information about the event, including bios of riders and other local honorees.