Video honors organ and tissue donor Melissa Thomas

April 24, 2020

Our commemoration of Donate Life Month continues today with the premiere of a new video, “Melissa’s Story.”

Superior HealthPlan, the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance and BioBridge Global came together to produce a video featuring Mary Kay Thomas, whose daughter Melissa was an organ and tissue donor.

Though she battled multiple health issues, Melissa Thomas never wavered in her desire to be an organ and tissue donor. And when she passed away, she was able to help dozens of people, including a patient who received her liver in a lifesaving transplant.

“Melissa was always wanting to help people, to fix the situation, to find the answer to a problem, even if it meant maybe not the best outcome for her,” Mary Kay said in the video. “To save someone’s life was the ultimate gift.

“When I think of my sweet Melissa, I immediately think of the gift to mankind. It gave her life such purpose.”

Melissa was a member of Superior HealthPlan and registered to be a donor with the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance.

To register to become an organ, eye and tissue donor, visit Donate Life Texas.

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