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Recent News Articles

GenCure marrow donor program joins with The Buckhorn Saloon and Museum and The Texas Ranger Museum for event on Aug. 27
August 19, 2016

South Texans will get a chance to help a retired officer of the Texas Rangers and learn more about the organization at the same time on Saturday, Aug. 27, in downtown San Antonio.

The GenCure marrow donor program is hosting a marrow registry drive in honor of retired Texas Ranger Al Cuellar that day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at The Buckhorn Saloon and Museum and The Texas Ranger Museum, housed together at 318 E. Houston St.

Qualified donors for the registry will receive free admission to the museums the day of the drive. Friends and family members accompanying the registering donor will be admitted for 50 percent off the standard admission. There will also be beer tasting at The Buckhorn Saloon during the event.

Local patient inspires heroes to look further
June 10, 2016

Every day our recruiters and staff reach into the community to do what seems to be the impossible, to save lives. We pound the pavement inspiring strangers to become heroes, while our techs work round the clock to take what our donors selflessly provide (blood, stem cells, tissue) and transform it into lifesaving treatments for patients in need of transfusions, transplants… and, yes, hope.

But what drives us to do this? On any given day our staff could tell you stories of patients that we’ve fought for and have inspired us. Today that patient is Rowan.

May 12, 2016

When Erin Nichols was asked to compete for the title of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year, she couldn’t say anything but “yes.”

New executive to lead regenerative medicine subsidiary of BioBridge Global
April 14, 2016

Becky Cap, a 20-year veteran of the life sciences industry, has been named chief operating officer of San Antonio-based GenCure.

Cap has worked with GenCure and its parent organization, BioBridge Global, on a part-time basis for the past year. She also served as a volunteer in support of the organization’s efforts as a presenting sponsor of the 2014 World Stem Cell Summit in San Antonio.

“Becky is excited about the team she’s come to know at GenCure and the opportunity to work with them to build on the foundation that’s been put into place, with the goal of moving the organization into a new phase of growth,” said Linda Myers, chief executive officer of BioBridge Global.

A behind the scenes look at your donation for life
April 13, 2016

Guillermo Robles knew he could make a difference when he came to the GenCure tissue center as a tissue recovery team lead.

He had the training. He had the experience. He had the ability to communicate the technical requirements of the job. He jumped in and went right to work, sharing those skills with members of the team.

But until recently, he hadn’t fully realized the impact he had made.

He was at a tissue recovery, handling paperwork and bagging. Two of the techs were doing the actual collection, explaining their procedures to a new member of the team.

“I was at the back table, just watching,” Robles said. “I was surprised, because every time they said something, it was like I was hearing myself.

“That was a pretty nice feeling. My two technicians were teaching what I had taught them three or four months ago. That made me realize I was doing something good around here.”