GenCure specializes in the collection, development and processing of a diverse range of components for human therapeutic and research applications. Our goal is to apply advances in regenerative medicine to heal and improve the lives of patients suffering from trauma, disease and the effects of advanced age.

As a bio-medical partner, GenCure provides cell and tissue recovery services as well as the facilities and expertise to ensure cGMP-compliant preparation of materials in support of research and clinical programs. GenCure’s services include providing cord blood and related tissues, peripheral blood stem cell collection services to support the new generation of immune-based therapies in addition to bone marrow donor services for patients in need of lifesaving bone marrow replacement, and allograft tissue recovery and preparation services for tissue repair, replacement and reconstruction procedures.

GenCure cell and tissue services are accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks, American Association of Tissue Banks, the International Organization of Standardization, the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments program and, where applicable, state licensing agencies and the Food and Drug Administration. The Marrow Donor Program of Central and South Texas is an authorized donor center of the Be The Match program.

As both a direct supplier to healthcare providers and a partner with commercial and non-profit medical organizations across the globe, GenCure has a demonstrated record of outcomes-oriented innovation.  Combining proven expertise with a flexible and responsive approach, GenCure designs individual solutions for clients that meet or exceed the exacting requirements of regulatory agencies and peer review for clinical therapies and research.

Cord Blood Center

Providing cord blood stem cells is one of the comprehensive set of services the GenCure Cord Blood Center offers to researchers and biotechnology organizations in the regenerative medicine arena.

GenCure Tissue Center

GenCure’s Tissue Center maintains the highest levels of quality and safety, with onsite resources including class 100-level clean rooms, processing facilities and labs that all operate under rigorous national and international regulatory standards. The Center provides human tissue services for hospitals and clinics including tissue recovery, processing and manufacturing of tissue allografts. The Center manufactures more than 350 types of tissue graft components. Approximately 5,000 tissue graft components are distributed annually to patients, providers and researchers across the globe. The GenCure Tissue Center is committed to enabling innovations in basic and applied research, and to improving clinical outcomes by collaborating with both public and private research and development experts to create and manufacture new components, particularly for new orthopedic procedures.

Cellular Therapy Center

The GenCure Cellular Therapy Center supports clinical research focused on the use of bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cells to treat and cure diseases. Through GenCure, this center is a critical partner to researchers investigating the potential of using stem cells in treatments for cancers, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and neurological conditions. The Cellular Therapy Center includes The National Marrow Donor Program of Central and South Texas, the peripheral blood stem cell collection center, and research partnerships with biomedical firms.

Collaborative Partnerships
  • Dendreon Corporation. The Cellular Therapy Center serves as a collection center for area patients being treated with PROVENGE autologous cellular immunotherapy for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. The Cellular Therapy Center performed 180 patient procedures  in 2012 and received a “High Performer Award” from Dendreon. 

The Center will participate as part of a clinical trial targeting glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most lethal form of brain cancer. The Center has participated in a PBSC research program to reduce complications following a stem cell transplant.