Donation Process

Tissue donation involves a surgical procedure to recover donated tissue including bone, skin, heart valves, veins, tendons and other soft tissue. Tissue donation will not affect funeral arrangements. Additionally, the donation process does not cost anything to the donor’s family. It is a priority of our organization to make these donated tissues available to patients in need of a tissue transplant.

At the time of death, every potential donation candidate is screened to determine medical suitability before donation is discussed with the family. Our organization will only proceed with recovery if the deceased is a candidate and a legal authorizing party authorizes donation.  
A tissue team will recover the donated tissue in a sterile environment just as with any surgical procedure. Upon completion, the body is carefully and respectfully reconstructed prior to release to the funeral home.
Once the tissue is recovered by the GenCure Tissue Center, the allografts undergo extensive testing to ensure safety before they are prepared, stored and distributed from our facility in San Antonio, Texas.